Day of Odin

Today is wednesday, the day of the germanic supreme God Odin, or Woden. But this post has actually nothing to do with Odin, but it’s going to be filled with a mixture of bits and pieces. I’m actually going to be talking about a creative DIY idea, patronuses and

“The person who has lost their name”

For a very long time now, I have been thinking about the personalised children’s books you can create. I absolutely love the idea of being able to do that, but I was a bit disappointed to see that┬áthere is not a non-binary option and/or they/them pronouns (or other gender neutral pronouns).

Hence, I have thought about writing my own, turning this very cute gift idea into a somewhat DIY gift idea for friends. Currently I am writing my own as an idea for a friend, but ze doesn’t know the story line. By now I’m pretty sure ze has gathered that I’m doing this in preparation for christmas.

Furthermore, I love that they have now added “THe incredible Intergalactic Journey Back Home”, again using the child’s name and photos from their home to create this book. Yet again, no gender neutral option which is a shame. I’m sure my friend would actually absolutely love something like this…
I just love these ideas, and hope that their choice of not having gender neutral options will inspire me to write my own (for friends, admittedly). I find it’s semi easy to create something like this yourself, maybe even handwritten. One could personalise it even more. Personally, I can’t say too much about how I will personalise┬ámy friend’s story haha, but so far I am having fun writing it. (By hand. Why? Because I am an idiot. That is why. Good luck reading that, matey)

Naturally, there are many websites where you can order personalised gifts (such as here, here and here). Etsy is a good place too, and a lot of other sites. I’m not very arts and craftsy, but from some of the things I have seen, I feel like I could try and make something similar. Maybe. Hopefully. (At some point). It’s nice to have my mind completely focus on one thing.


For a few days now, you are finally able to see what your Patronus is on Pottermore. Previously, I had done a test and found out my Patronus was a swan. Today, I finally did the test on Pottermore and found out, my Patronus is actually an Otter! I love both animals and am very pleased to have an Otter, just like Hermiones Patronus.


ADHD/ADD Meeting

I have inattentive ADHD, and today a friend and I are going to a Support Meeting in Brighton. I have never been to an “organised” support meeting, and i haven’t been to any of the drop ins in a very long time. We all agreed on keeping it all confidential so I wont actually say much about it. The topics we gathered we’re really interesting and the usual topics when brainstorming about ADHD/ADD.

I feel bad for not going more often to the group meet ups for some reason. I feel weirdly good after getting back home again. Even though I just realised I still got some prep to do before going back to Uni and its Thursday tomorrow… ­čś«

Good night, sleep tight


Last Days of summer

Sunflower ~ #sunflower #yellow #red

So Summer is nearly over and I haven’t been half as productive as I wanted to be. We recently moved house, and living with two foster children has been quite… adventurous. It keeps the whole family on their toes.

I’ve been knitting a lot and I’m finally done with The Arrow Season 3. Before next week, when I’m officially back at Uni, I’m┬ápreparing myself to get busy again.

Today, I finally sorted out my train ticket. I got a Uniyone ticket for 2 1/2 months, plus the additional cost of having to get a rail card (16-25), which cost me about ┬ú190 (UGH). Tomorrow I’m attending a ADHD/ADD Support Meeting in Brighton with a friend, who I’m meeting again on friday. Thursday I have a meeting with my Mentor. A easy way to ease me into appointments again.

To be honest, I’m dreading my final year at University. From experience, I am dreading the stress. Knowing that in two of my modules I will have to hold presentations is already giving me high anxiety. At the same time, I know it is going to be good practice for me. Yet, unlike before, I do not really look forward to going back. The only reason I look forward to is seeing my friends on a regular basis again and getting out of this slightly weird pit I have fallen into over summer.

It is going to be a bumpy ride. I haven’t managed to keep up with this blog much, even though I havent been doing much else, so its going to be interesting how it is going to go over the coure of my academic year.

One of the things keeping me going is the fact I’ll be able to go and see Tom Odell live, and hopefully I’ll be going back to the Harry Potter studios in Leavesden.

I’m very suspicious┬áabout what the future holds. I look forward to it with very mixed feelings. I can’t wait, but I also dread it. Somehow I hope this final year is going to prepare me a lot for what is out there, hence why I am not goung to avoid the presentations. The modules themselves are important and I have proven to myself in the past, that I can do presentations. I’m not great at them but I have successfully survived them.

Summer in reflection could’ve been a lot more productive. But I am glad for the time I had to myself. And now, with the new house, I had a few nice days in a garden as well, without passers by peeking in.
The past months have been eventful at times but peaceful most times. And relaxing. Lets see what my last year at Uni brings.

I actually cannot wait for autumn and sweaters and hoodies and autumnal photos and rain, as long as I am not in it (rain hurts my skin!)

Anyways. Good night. If you’re already back at school: Go you! Just started Uni? Save the money. Listen to others. Watch your health. Take care of yourself. Be considerate of others. Not all disabilities are visible. Don’t persume.

Take care.