Missed Topic Opportunities

Twice in the past five days I had beautiful topics to talk about.

A-level results Day. And World Photography Day.

A-level results day

But I didn’t. But I feel like I should say something to A-levels, going to college/university, future plans, etc.

Whatever you plan on doing now, it will not last. If you feel horrible because you didn’t get into where you wanted to get into, or didn’t get the grades  you wanted -you’re young and have all the time in the world to do it all.

Who says you have to everything when you’re young? Take a deep breath and see what you want to do right now. Wanna try to get what you wanted right now? Go ahead, I believe in you.

You wanna take a break, find something you really wanna do, or focus on something you really want to do? Do that. Go travel for a few months or a year. Thing is. You’re not missing out, you’re not stupid. You are awesome, clever and strong. Celebrate individuality and stop testing a fish’s ability to climb a tree.

There are other ways and means to get to where you want to be and on other paths you might find out other things about yourself and/or the world, you might chop and change things as you go along and that is totally fine. You wanna do literature now? Great. You also want to do sciences and got knows what else, but want to focus on literature right now and don’t actually know what to focus on? Focus on one thing now, like literature. See where that takes you. Then add science, and whatever else.

I’m studying English Language and Linguistics now. I still want to do literature and I’m really interested in Photography. Only because I’m doing the one thing right now, doesn’t mean I can’t do the other things at some point too. Later, that might change. Just like language, humans always change. It’d be weird if we didn’t. Please don’t panic. You’re doing great.

If you just wanna speak about it, do leave a message? Sometimes even just that helps, putting it all down into words, even though you can’t find the words. Tell me that, if you’re really anxious and panicky, about anything even, doesn’t have to be about school/college/university. I’m not perfect, by  any means, but I’m a good listener.

World Photo Day

Since most of my photos aren’t online yet, I thought for this part I could just… share my favourite photographers.

The first one that comes to mind without particular reason is Ansel Adams. Especially MT. MCKINLEY AND WONDER LAKE is absolutely amazing.


I also absolutely love Japanese Street Photography (example: here) Furthermore, I really like the photos from Takashi Yasui, such as this one:


There are two different interests in Photography, conflicting in fact, but I really love landscape photography and street photography.

Additionally, Crystal Ball Photography is amazing to me. These photos are by Andrius Aleksandravičius and his Crystal Ball Project.

Winter | GlassBallProject After Sunset | Glass Ball Project

Anoter amazing Project is the Little People project. I think the whole idea is really creative and an idea I would like take on board.



I think I’m gonna leave it there haha.

Have a good weekend!



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