I started catching up on some vidoes last night. I can’t ever focus on just one thing, so just watching Finding Carter isn’t quite enough. Not even half way through I had a huge desire to put on music and just before the end I paused the TV to watch YouTube videos. I hugely blame my ADD for that. It’s a habit I still have to break.

Above are some of the many videos I watched. I love sharing them haha.

I slept in today, went to the beach for a bit and went back to the cinema again to watch Pete’s Dragon. Sometimes I plan on watching a movie, but never do, so I try to watch them as quickly as possible -especially in summer.

Otherwise I have been keeping busy doing nothing much. Been thinking of Merilin a bit, it’s her birthday today. Another friend’s dog died today so I’ve been really upset about that.

Furthermore, my aim before I start Uni again in October is to update my flickr page. To remind myself, I’ll share some of what is on it already.


I think that’ll be it for today. Finishing today off with an episode of Stranger Things.



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