Friday Blues

Today started off really rocky. I felt horrible. Then I made the clever decision to leave the house with my family to go into town.

The Airshow in Eastbourne is on and we got to see some of the planes do some stunts, which was pretty great. I never seem to think the Airshow is special until I get to the seafront and suddenly, I have a huge urge to take photos of planes and take videos of them doing stunts. Next time, I’ll take my DSLR with me.
In town, I also walked passed a Christmas shop, which annoyed me. The earlier I see Christmas stuff, the more it kind of ruins it for me. We don’t really celebrate Christmas since I turned 18, but I have very fond memories. But seeing Christmas stuff too early, really ruins it. It takes away the fun, the Christmas feeling.
This Afternoon, I also went to see BFG at the cinema. It made me laugh and feel better, so that was good. It was fuller than I had expected, but at the same time, I wasn’t too surprised.
The Evening has been weirdly filled with figuring out where everybody is sleeping, reorganising furniture, and the arrival of another foster child. Dinner was late, but yummy. Now, I’m calming down with a mixture of music and Finding Carter.
I don’t know what tomorrow brings. A new day, a new start. I haven’t practised Japanese today, nor have I drunk enough water if I am honest. However, I have been working on some characters for a book. So. Yay.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

I think I can hear somebody vomit outside my window. Omg. Eww.



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