Summer: Half Time

It has been over two months now since my summer started. I haven’t worked much on what I had planned to do, but I have done a few little things and still have under two months to make the most of my time off. Today is Wednesday 10th August 2016. For some reason, I always think it’s Friday…

Significantly, I have managed to stay alive. I have visited friends in Germany, which was great. Met my mum’s friend from Canada for the first time. At first, I also went to the gym regularly, which I enjoyed. August in general was/is going to be busy. Still got one visitor and then we’ve got to start packing because we’re moving house. Before I go back, I still have to visit Cornwall.

Furthermore (damn how formal), still gotta sort out my provisional drivers licence which I said I would do. Haven’t done that yet, but its in the planning!

Today, I’ve watched a bit of Black Butler -about 2 and a bit episodes, I went into town and am spending this evening watching Youtube videos and stuff on Netlix, etc. So far I’ve even practised some Japanese. My favourite words are tea, delicious and sorry haha.
I feel really good about what I’ve achieved today. It’s still been a bit slow and I’m kinda tired, but I hope to have an earlier night tonight and feel more energised tomorrow!

Some of the videos I’ve watched today include:

That’s pretty much it for today. Videos, walks, a bath-bomb, a very relaxing evening. Soaking up the happiness while it lasts haha

Bis bald, see you soon.




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