Today I am greatful for…

So when I’m upset and down, I either check my “happy memories” jar (which I haven’t updated in for ever) – it has some good things in it and triggers other good memories. I also write down in a smol little diary like thing what I am greatful for. Often it’s repetition, and I’ll write down things like 

I’m greatful for…

  • … fresh air,
  • … running water, which is clean
  • … being able to walk and talk and safely voice my opinion
  • … my pets
  • … my mum

Sometimes things are very materialistic, such as

I’m greatful for

  • … my camera
  • … my room
  • … my iMac
  • … etc

By doing this, I refocus my energy from what has been making me upset, and often it distracts me enough to do something else. Very often I do write down the same things over a period of time, but it does put my mind into a better place. I started doing this when we moved last year and lost a dog the same day. I spiralled out of control and was upset about everything, high just annoyed everybody. So I started writing things down I was happy and greatful about to refocus my attention on the positive things.

We’re moving again. I’ve gone from not writing a thing because of laziness to not writing a thing because of stress and another dog being ill… It’s like dejavu from last year. Definitely trying to keep up the “I’m greatful for…” thing to get me through this.

I don’t know if any of this is making sense. 

If you’re having a rough time, please do speak to somebody. It helps. Even if it’s me. I’m a good listener. 

Twitter: @cookie_ciaran



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