Why I enjoy living in the UK

So I moved to the UK over four years ago now and I thought about why I like living here.

  • The first thing I noticed was how I enjoy to chat to people I don’t know. I really enjoy this. Just whilst walking dogs, or going shopping in town, I find it a lot easier to just talk to people without being too scared, etc. I would never go up to strangers and talk to them about the weather for example. It wouldn’t happen. If you want to fit into the box of being German, you don’t speak to strangers unless you’re in a shop and you can’t find something.
  • I noticed I don’t feel numb anymore. I can physically feel myself flourishing here, being able to be myself and being able to just breath. I don’t feel forced into boxes, I don’t cast aside because I didn’t fit into any of the “normal German” boxes. Now I feel accepted and liked for my ability to not fitting into boxes and being labelled a specific way. This is probably the biggest thing I’ve notices. For years I felt numb and unable to be truly myself. I surpressed everything and anything I could possiby surpress and hid anything I could by doing so. Now, I feel like I’ve set myself free and I’m finally actually exploring myself.
  • I love how creative living here is. Thinking outside the box feels more welcome here than it did in Germany, which suits me better. Not that I get anywhere with writing or drawing or photograpy if I’m honest… But I feel like I can actually explore my creative side freely and people are actually interested in what I do.
  • I really enjoy being surrounded by a lot of history and many, many castles. I want to visit all of them. In genral I really enjoy the architecture of the small british cottages and little quaint british villages in the british countryside. There is something to it, that feels like home.

These are the four key reasons why I enjoy living in the UK.
I doubt I would go back to Germany, just because I really don’t feel at home there. Obviously, I love to visit my friends, but I wouldn’t move back there unless I truly had to. Thinking about going back feels like I would have to stop being who I am.

Keeping with the British thing, I would like to share some lovely vloggers from this island. Emma Blackery, Zoella and Alfie are widely known already. Somebody listed 11 British Youtubers here. The youtubers I, however, I want to list are Jake and Alex. Otherwise I spend most of my time watching people in Japan haha.

Furthermore, the kids have officially started their summer holidays this week, so. That’ll be. Fun. Before my summrer is up, I want to get myself sorted out and get into gear.

Good night for now!

~ Ciaran~