Favourite Movies: Zootropolis

Zootropolis is my favourite movie at the moment. I’ve watched it four times already, and I bought the book. I can’t put it into words why I love it.


The book is so adorable and I love the characters and what the movie is about. I would very much recommend watching this movie.

These are the UK trailers:

Some facts on Zootropolis are here:

Ah, I want to go and see it again. Oh dear.

It’s not in my local cinema any more, and I cannot wait for it to be released on DVD so I can buy it and watch it every day.

~ Ciaran ~


4 thoughts on “Favourite Movies: Zootropolis

    1. Haha for me personally, it is in a way lol. I never thought I could love a disney movie ever again, but apparently I can. Its only a personal opinion! 🙂


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