Harry Potter Book Collection

Obviously, this is not a book, but look how cute he looks!
IMG_0625 copy
This is obviously not a book either, but he’s part of Harry Potter. Just look at the details!
My German Hardcover Harry Potter series.
One of my English Harry potter collections, given to me by a good friend of mine.
My complete english paperback edition of Harry Potter.
Beedle the Bard in English and in German. I really love both editions.


Neither of these I own in German, both editions I owned twice at some point because I forgot I already had them…


One Wizards dictionary, a Harry Potter book calendar and a Friendship-book
One of my uncompleted series editions of Harry Potter, also given to me by a friend.
This is my favourite cover of them all, but the only one I have of this series. I want them all in hardcover, which aren’t cheap.


All of the Philosopher stone editions I own, including the illustrated version

IMG_0648 copy

#2 in the series.
#3, and personal favourite of the series, because of Remus and Sirius.
#4. When rereading this series, this is as far as I can get, then I keep putting off rereading the others.
#5. The one that took me forever to finally get through. I literally spent a whole summer reading this one.
#6. Not gonna lie, pretty sure I cried.
#7. I cried. A lot. I have reread this book the least. In fact, I have only ever read it once. Time to reread it again.

So these are all my Harry Potter books at the moment. I am 100% sure I am going to add books to this collection this year.


Twentyone Pilots Concert

Before I upload the photos, the friend who took me there got me to listen to them over a year ago and I haven’t looked back. I still remember watching Stressed Out on Youtube. I could relate so much to that video at the time, I just fell in love with them and their music.

It has been so long since I went.
Finally I have looked at some of the photos again. So here are some of them, from an amazing night in London!

It was so good. So amazing, I can’t actually put it into words. They are pure gems, and so genuine.

Getting to our hotel, to the venue and back was really easy. We also didn’t have to take the tube, which was a plus. I don’t like tunnels, and I really do not like taking the Underground Tube.

Their albums are also mentioned in Emma Blackery’s video:

Some other Highlights

The other 7 are on youtube and definitely worth a watch!

Favourite Movies: Zootropolis

Zootropolis is my favourite movie at the moment. I’ve watched it four times already, and I bought the book. I can’t put it into words why I love it.


The book is so adorable and I love the characters and what the movie is about. I would very much recommend watching this movie.

These are the UK trailers:

Some facts on Zootropolis are here:

Ah, I want to go and see it again. Oh dear.

It’s not in my local cinema any more, and I cannot wait for it to be released on DVD so I can buy it and watch it every day.

~ Ciaran ~