Wrap Up!

I had high hopes of reading books in April, but alas, I have not finished one.

Not a wrap up, but I enjoy his videos. They’re so energetic.

The first wrap up that popped up from people I’m subscribed to.

Some hauls I enjoyed watching

Now, to my books!

2016-04-30 11.39.48

I keep jumping from book to book to book without finishing any one of them.

I read the books by Justin Somper when I was around 14 and I read them in German. I remember absolutely loving them. I loved the German cover, the story, the characters and the fast pace of the story, I’m not too sure about this cover though.
Its easy to follow, but also kept me really hooked. I still love the story, but I really do not like the cover. The cover of the Narnia collections is my favourite out of the four, even though I love the blue of the Companion book.

2016-04-30 11.38.56

I found this book on the way home. It would be the book I’d be reading right now, if I wouldn’t have to focus on essays…

This weekend is a long weekend, with Monday being a bank holiday in the UK. Monday also so happens to be my birthday. So yay.

~ Ciaran ~


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