Feeding an Interest: Spring in Japan

The weather is getting warmer, there’s more sun around. Its feeling a lot like spring. I really want to travel to Japan, and learn Japanese, and I’ve recently been watching a lot of videos on spring in Japan. I was kinda inspired by, surprise surprise, Sharla.

I really want to visit Japan around spring time.

Sitting outside in a park, eating food is great, especially after a cold winter is awesome. I also watched the vlogs of her friends she’s with! They’re pretty good, too.

Another video of Spring in Japan, which I really, really enjoyed. It’s about half an hour though, but its worth it! (Side Note: I usually have huge problems focusing on anything longer than 5 minutes long). Ahh, this video is so good tho.

I also found this video of spring in Germany (Don’t worry, he’s speaking English)

I can’t remember anything specific about things I did in Germany, apart from Easter, getting hyped for my birthday and just generally looking forward to warmer weather, green grass, not having to wear winter clothing and just having more pleasant bike rides. I loved going swimming outside again, and eating ice cream.

A short little post on spring. I asked a friend what she does in spring, apart from celebrate her birthday, and every spring she gets together with all her cousins for a cousin-day-out.


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