Why am I blogging?

Hello, yes, I’m still here. Something different to what I’ve usually got planned on a Thursday.

I’ve missed out on this weeks posts. I go through phases of ups and downs, even concerning what I do with this blog. But I still want to do it. That feeling of wanting to blog about something never quite goes away.

  1. I want to think and write clearer.
  2. I feel like I’d be more able to learn new things
  3. Having a blog might help me get into some kind of routine, or can make my daily routine more exciting.
  4. It’ll let me see mundane things differently, and more creatively, and work on my hobbies and being able to write about them.
  5. It’ll help me to be disciplined, as well.

There’s a lot more ( here for example). But the five at the top are the main reason I want to blog.

The main reason, I have found, is that it is quite fun. I especially like doing tags, even though I’ve only done a few book related tags (here, here and another tag here).

Good bye for now,





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