Recent Potter hauls

If I could have a perfect Saturday, it would involve going shopping without worrying about money. It would then naturally be followed by spending a whole day at the Harry Potter Studios. Some of the more recent stuff I bought I just have to share with the internet.

FullSizeRender (6)
I found these socks, and I love them. I haven’t worn them yet, they seem too precious to be worn.

On my third visit to the Harry Potter studios, I finally bought Remus Lupins’ wand and the Marauders Map. I keep the map in it’s cover and very often carry the wand around with me. According to Pottermore, my wand is Cedar wood with a Unicorn hair core, 10″ and surprisingly swishy flexibility

2016-03-17 19.23.11

The jumper/ sweater, a new t-shirt and the new choker I recently acquired and love so much.

If I feel uncomfortable, unhappy or sad, I wear the t-shirt or the jumper/sweater. I never thought I’d actually feel comfortable wearing a choker, so I’m pleasantly surprised that I am.

After watching a movie at the cinema with my friends in Brighton, we walked past Waterstones and they had a very Harry Potter themed book display in their window which I had to take photos of. And yes, I have pre-ordered the book. I am much excited.

Even though I wanted to buy so much more, this is actually it. For now.

~ Ciaran~


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