#Throwback Thursday

Candy Edition

Miranda Singhs trying German Candy/Sweets/Süßigkeiten.  love Knoppers and totally forgot about Katjes!

Americans trying German Candy is quite amusing. American candy, to me, is way too sweet so it’s interesting to see some Americans trying German candy.

Also, Sunny did a video of her tryibg German candy, too.

Most people seem to like Knoppers. I love Knoppers. Like, a lot. The thing I also really miss is Milchschnitte. However, Asda has been selling them so I get to eat them without having to travel to Germany lol.

Going international, I also found an Australian trying some German Sweets and Food.

I really like her channel, which I literally only discovered today.

Ah I am loving all the flashbacks to all the German sweets. It is so interesting watching others trying those sweets that I grew up with.
There are so many I want to watch and add, but I’m going to stop myself here haha.

I was going to add some other videos as well, but I don’t want to bore you by adding all the vlogs and stuff I’ve been watching and that I have loved in the past week.

See you soon ~

~ Ciarán


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