The first day of Spring

It is finally spring. Today is the first day of spring. One of my favourite seasons. Oh, what adventures lie ahead of me on this hopefully lovely day.
I did think about going to the cinema, but alas, I have a cold and I don’t feel like sitting in a cinema surrounded by other people.

To start off this beautiful day, I looked up the I love Spring tag.

I found an I love Spring tag here, from 2013. Looking at the original questions, I’m going to change a few questions and keep some of the original ones.

1) Do you suffer from Hay Fever?
– No, luckily, but I react allergically to freshly cut grass.

2) Why do you love Spring?
– I love spring because it’s usually really colourful and indicates the end of mostly grey, cold days. Weather wise it’s not too warm, not too cold. Forests start getting green again, birds start singing again, I start feeling a little better.

3) What is spring like where you live?
– Living by the seaside, I would think spring is the time people start swimming in the seaside. Not when you live in England though. The water is SO COLD. I live in the south east of England, in a really cute little corner. The weather down here is quite nice in Spring.

4) Are you a spring cleaner?
– I am to a point. As soon as the weather gets better, I quite enjoy sorting through everything and disregarding everything I think can go. It’s a lovely feeling having cluttered out wardrobes, cupboards, shelves, desks and anything else.

5) Any plans for spring break?
– Unlike last year, where I flew to Germany for a week, I don’t actually have any plans for this years spring break. Just the usual really.

6) What do you like to do in Spring?
– In Germany, I loved riding my bike around the countryside and finally swimming outside again with my friends. I kinda miss those days. Luckily the Gym I go to has an outside pool, so I look forward to swimming out there. I also like taking photos. Every year I plan on doing some gardening as well, but we don’t actually have a garden this year. At the same time, I would love to take care of some pot plants, herbs and stuff.

7) What is your favourite spring Outfit?
– Part of this outfit was going to be my favourite jeans, but they ripped recently, so I have to rethink this answer. I do have favourite t-shirts, which are usually grey or blue, combined with jeans usually.

8) What is your favourite Spring accessory?
– I can’t remember having a favourite spring accessory in the past years, but this year it is a flower head band from Accessorize.

9) What is your favourite Spring flower?
– I do quite like daffodils and absolutely love cherry blossoms.

10) What are you looking forward to most in Spring?
– For the first time, I actually live in walking distance from the beach. It takes me, a really slow walker, only 5 minutes to walk to the beach. This year I look forward to sitting on the beach with a book and a small picnic. Hopefully I wont be attacked by Seagulls…

11) Have you got a certain smell that reminds you of Spring?
– I don’t know how to describe the smell that reminds me of spring. There is definitely a certain smell when spring flowers bloom, which I love. I guess the smell that reminds me of spring are the smells of spring flowers.

12) Is your Birthday in Spring?
– Yes it is! My birthday is at the beginning of May. This year, I’m turning 23. I don’t feel 23. I’m not sure how exactly it feels like to be a certain age, but I always envied those who were between 20 and 25, adulting, socialising, going on wild adventures and now being in that age range feels super weird. Mainly because I avoid adulting at all costs, I still don’t have a drivers licence, still live at home and my wildest adventures usually include something mundane, like skipping University lectures.

Those are all the questions answered.
Have a lovely sunday!

~ Ciaran~

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