With my third visit to the Harry Potter studios coming up next week, I thought I’d speak about Quidditch and Photography. Following articles like this one are really inspiring me to do a project like this one with my friends. Anshu Agarwal has created some amazing pictures, including the featured image of this post.


At uni, they had some Quidditch games going on, organised by Parklife, which I obviously attended (IT WAS SO MUCH FUN AND YES the poster has seen better days). Hopefully, in summer, there will be more matches. So I hope to take many pictures, similar to the ones taken by Thibault Kruyts, as seen below.


This is something I want to get into. Not as a Quidditch player, but they’re incredible fun to watch. I got so excited, I’m still buzzing now!

I had my DSLR with me for the match at Uni, but I failed to capture some of the good moments, another reason I hope to get another chance at visiting Quidditch matches. These five tips would’ve been really helpful beforehand, but I didn’t expect them to allow me to take photos with my DSLR to be honest.

That is it for now.

Happy Sunday!



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