Thursday ~

Thursday used to be the day I’d spend three hours talking to people about photography. I haven’t done this for a while, so Thursdays have lost its special feeling.

But I’d like to make Thursday special again. I haven’t decided in what way, but it will be something creative.

It won’t be just photography, or just boos/reading, or whatever. It will be something of everything.

For Today’s Thursday, I thought about talking about books. And reading slumps.
As always, a few things inspired me talking about books. Emma Blackery talks about the books she has read in January (here) in a cute little video. I always like listening to what she reads, as she is incredibly interested in Korea and I have added some of the books she as read to my reading list. (Another recent book video here)

There is an interview here with Gabby Rivera on her book “Juliet takes a breath”, which caught my eye. Another article on Autostraddle was this, with another list of books and stuff. It all kind of lead me to think about books and reading.

Personally, I take a bath to get through difficult books. It can take a while to get through a book, relying on taking baths to read it, but its something.

I try myself at writing, but usually make any excuse not to do anything really. “I’m too tired, I still need to do this and that.” I am working on three creative pieces, trying to figure out on which one to spend most of my time on for now.

Before it gets even later, I’m going to post this. I’m currently reading is “the art of being normal” by Lisa Williamson (goodreads: x). It’s an easy read, and very enjoyable.

Tomorrow there are (hopefully) gonna be some quidditch matches at my University, and I will hopefully be able to snap some pictures.
Saturday evening, a friend from Cornwall is coming down until Tuesday. Next Thursday I will be in London at a 21 Pilots concert, with the friend from Cornwall (she’ll disappear to London on Tuesday) and on Friday I’ll be visiting the Harry Potter studios again (-I can’t wait, I’m so excited!!!).

I can’t wait to reflect on all of this and look back at the pictures and memories.

Cookies and warm hugs,



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