What is your patronus?!

I thought about talking about music today, as I’m going to see 21 Pilots tomorrow. At the same time, I’m also going back to the Harry Potter Studios on Friday, and I’d rather talk about that today, than music. I’m also posting this today, as I wont be near a laptop or anything tomorrow.

For a bit of fun, I found a quiz on buzzfeed to find out what my patronus would be (x). The result I got was a swan, the same patronus as Cho Chang. The Note that came with my result was this:

“You’re quiet, but not anti-social. You’re always surrounded by a group of friends, and they act as a support system in times of emotional distress. Your Patronus takes the form of a swan, the same as Cho Chang. Keep enjoying the simple things in life and do your best to not dwell on the past; the future is bright.”

It’s actually really fitting. Both Cho and I are also Ravenclaw.

Which Hogwarts house will you be sorted into?

I did another (non-pottermore) house sorting quiz, and was sorted into Ravenclaw again.

Going through Harry Potter quizzes is quite entertaining and bizarrely calming. I’m incredibly nervous because of the 21 pilots concert, so talking about this is a really good thing for me. The colour blue calms me down and Harry Potter makes me happy.

Let me know what your patronus is and what house you’ve been sorted into.

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With my third visit to the Harry Potter studios coming up next week, I thought I’d speak about Quidditch and Photography. Following articles like this one are really inspiring me to do a project like this one with my friends. Anshu Agarwal has created some amazing pictures, including the featured image of this post.


At uni, they had some Quidditch games going on, organised by Parklife, which I obviously attended (IT WAS SO MUCH FUN AND YES the poster has seen better days). Hopefully, in summer, there will be more matches. So I hope to take many pictures, similar to the ones taken by Thibault Kruyts, as seen below.


This is something I want to get into. Not as a Quidditch player, but they’re incredible fun to watch. I got so excited, I’m still buzzing now!

I had my DSLR with me for the match at Uni, but I failed to capture some of the good moments, another reason I hope to get another chance at visiting Quidditch matches. These five tips would’ve been really helpful beforehand, but I didn’t expect them to allow me to take photos with my DSLR to be honest.

That is it for now.

Happy Sunday!


Thursday ~

Thursday used to be the day I’d spend three hours talking to people about photography. I haven’t done this for a while, so Thursdays have lost its special feeling.

But I’d like to make Thursday special again. I haven’t decided in what way, but it will be something creative.

It won’t be just photography, or just boos/reading, or whatever. It will be something of everything.

For Today’s Thursday, I thought about talking about books. And reading slumps.
As always, a few things inspired me talking about books. Emma Blackery talks about the books she has read in January (here) in a cute little video. I always like listening to what she reads, as she is incredibly interested in Korea and I have added some of the books she as read to my reading list. (Another recent book video here)

There is an interview here with Gabby Rivera on her book “Juliet takes a breath”, which caught my eye. Another article on Autostraddle was this, with another list of books and stuff. It all kind of lead me to think about books and reading.

Personally, I take a bath to get through difficult books. It can take a while to get through a book, relying on taking baths to read it, but its something.

I try myself at writing, but usually make any excuse not to do anything really. “I’m too tired, I still need to do this and that.” I am working on three creative pieces, trying to figure out on which one to spend most of my time on for now.

Before it gets even later, I’m going to post this. I’m currently reading is “the art of being normal” by Lisa Williamson (goodreads: x). It’s an easy read, and very enjoyable.

Tomorrow there are (hopefully) gonna be some quidditch matches at my University, and I will hopefully be able to snap some pictures.
Saturday evening, a friend from Cornwall is coming down until Tuesday. Next Thursday I will be in London at a 21 Pilots concert, with the friend from Cornwall (she’ll disappear to London on Tuesday) and on Friday I’ll be visiting the Harry Potter studios again (-I can’t wait, I’m so excited!!!).

I can’t wait to reflect on all of this and look back at the pictures and memories.

Cookies and warm hugs,


What keeps my boat afloat

To remind myself about what keeps my boat from sinking in my own tears, I’d like to talk about calming activities and stuff. I like to do certain things, eat, smell, see certain things and listen to certain things to stop my anxiety from getting overwhelming. These things go beyond the Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and are purely based on personal experiences.

CBT does help, especially working out fears and anxieties. I have General Anxiety Disorder (GAD), so figuring out what is setting me off can sometimes be difficult. Entangling my thoughts and working on them from what I’ve learnt during CBT in 2014, helps. Admittedly, I’m at a point where I think I might need some more help with it. Asking for help, even if it’s asking a friend to help you work through your thoughts with you or to simply listen, helps me understand my thoughts and just really helps.

What I like to do for a bit of mindfulness is actually listen to people’s voices. Certain people make me feel better by me simply listening to their voices and watching them. I think this is why I like watching YouTube videos so much because I can watch my favourite celebrities and listen to their voices. My favourite accent is the Irish accent and at the moment I love to listen to Aidan Gillen. He makes me swoon a little, and I just really love listening to his voice. Domnhall Gleeson has a similar affect on me. So does David Thewlis, but for other reasons I don’t actually know of.

Unsurprisingly, watching or reading anything Harry Potter will instantaneously make me smile and feel less anxious about things.

Going swimming is the biggest thing that makes me feel better. Often I really do not feel like going to the gym and swim, but as soon as I get into the water, I calm down and I can work through my thoughts better.

Today, I went swimming in the outside pool of the gym I go to and it was pretty awesome.

I also went to my GP to get a referral to a Gender Clinic. I was pretty nervous, still am a little, but its a step in the right direction.

High fives,


A Student with Anxiety

So many students are really busy studying now for exams, writing essays and doing assignments, just like me!

I haven’t really had the energy or the time to even look back at the photos I took in Vietnam, but I do really miss the Vietnamese coffee (possibly beyond normal). I still love watching YouTube videos, more than before.

The thing is, I just had to ask for an extension for an assignment whose due date is tonight. Every time I wanted to work on it I would cry and I’d do anything possible to avoid any work -which then lead to me panicking and crying even more. For some reason, my anxiety rocketed when I got this assignment. I do underestimate what I know and what I can do, but the moment I got this assignment I knew I would have to ask for an extension and I was struck with a high level of anxiety.

My anxiety is still high, even though I feel calmer now I do have an extension. As much as I want to look through Vietnam photos and post some stuff on Vietnam and look for other interesting stuff to talk about. But I’m really struggling with stuff at the moment and there seems so much going on in my head, I don’t really know what to write about.

I’m finally feeling more steady about talking to people about being transgender. It is a difficult topic for me to talk about, and all my feelings that I’ve bottled up over the years are beginning to surface. I guess this is contributing to my high anxiety and confused mental state. In a way I am glad, I’m finally thinking about my feelings. During an evening with family friends, I spoke about some of my feelings and it felt really good. Some noticed how well I expressed myself, which really surprised me -especially because they felt the need to tell me.

For now, I feel like I still need to work through some incredibly chewy bits of life. I hope at the end of this particular path I can write more as a stronger person and focus more on some other things.

Hugs, and good luck for anything and everything ya’ll doing right now.