New Year, new Jar

IMG_8627.PNGIn this new-years-day related post I am talking about videos made by people who had a jar of 2015, where they’d write all the good stuff that happened to them in 2015 on a piece of paper and stick that piece of paper in a jar to look at at the end of the year.

I’m specifically talking about Jakes video here, where he opens up his jar of 2015 and reads the notes.

I think this idea is really cute and something I might try doing for this year. -The jar thing that is. I do not own such a jar, yet. Maybe I’ll make one for 2016.

On the internet in general, it is known as the Gratitude Jar or the Happiness Jar and is a project started by Elizabeth Gilbert, author of “Eat, Pray, Love”. She introduces the jar here. It is a nice way to celebrate the little things in life and to view back on them when, maybe, you feel a little down.

Another option I hope to try out some day, is Document Your Life. With this, you video document happy events throughout a month, compile all the little videos into one and share it on video I guess. A photo a day (or more) might also be an idea, which I hope to actually do this year.

I began writing this post on New Years Day, which is now 15 days ago. I have a Happiness Jar, I haven’t done a A Photo a Day or Document your life.


I found the Jar in Matalan. It hadn’t started out as some kind of jar but had a lid and a straw to drink out of it. These were missing, so the item was reduced and is now being used as a Happiness Jar. It fits very well onto my bedside locker. (Yes, I have a lot of Harry Potter-y things on my bedside locker.) There isn’t actually that much in my jar yet, even though it looks like a lot.


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