Inspired by this vlogmas video, I thought about sharing my favourite foody videos. Another Vlogmas video with food in it, which is really cute, is this one. The food looks really nice.

Fitting for my Holiday to Vietnam, this video popped up. I think I have mentioned his channel before. There is actually a whole playlist on Vietnamese food on his channel. Had I been that little bit better prepared, I might’ve watched a few more of them, including the 23 Things To Do In Saigon. In general, I like his videos. His voice is easy to listen to and the food all looks very yummy.

Online, I think I looked at something similar to what Miranda is doing in this video. It’s funny, the “food” looks disgusting and … yeah, it’s just a little weird.

My most favourite videos are people trying candy from other countries, such as this guy trying Japanese candy. There are so many videos of people trying Japanese candy, and I love them. They’re also really easy to watch. One of my favourites is also this video of American candy being tried.

Not an actual foodie video, but its a christmas themed “What’s in my mouth” -challenge and it is really adorable.

Again, this is only a brief post until I can review some of my own dishes tried in Vietnam.

I look forward to sharing more, personal foodie stuff with you!

Hungry Hugs,





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