My Favourite Game on my Phone

Today I shall talk about the most favourite Game currently on my Phone. It’s part of the christmas thing, because I was suggested this game in december and finished playing it within about two days.

The Game is called Monument Valley


And these are some screen shots I took. It messes a little with your mind but its lovely. I haven’t managed to buy the In-app Game yet, but I just downloaded it.
On Itunes it says it’s the Apple Game of the Year 2014, so some of you have probably heard of this game already.
I love the colours used and how it messes with your mind a little. You also have to use your brain a little and it is very entertaining. I couldn’t stop playing it. I really look forward to playing the In-App game, which is about£1.49 I think. 

The next game I’m gonna try is Tengami, which looks really interesting. I paid £3.99 for it and apparently is a complete game with no In-App purchases which was appealing and no in-game advertisements which is also a positive.


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