Harry Potter Studio Tour 2015

As I have promised quite a few times, here are some photos I took of the Harry Potter Studio Tours.


So here are some photos. I went last year, 1 September, as well. It was really special, and I was still HUGELY excited to go again. I cannot wait to go there again!  I had a lot of fun and took many more photos than this.

Compared to last time, a few things had changed. The Hogwarts express was new, and I saw Hogwarts in snow, which was awesome and magical. I did have Butterbeer and I spent a lot of money in the shop. I would do it all again.

Sticking with Harry Potter, here are some of my favourite Harry Potter parodies.

Most of you might know the Hillywood show and their parody of Harry Potter here. This was the video which got me hooked on their parodies in general.

Another lovely parody is this one. The tune is very catchy and the video is a lot of fun.

One of my other favourite Harry Potter themed videos is this one. Very well made in my view.

However, there are simply so many out there. Too many for me to list in this blog. Do have fun watching Harry Potter related videos on Youtube. They literally make my day.

Posting non-Vietnam related posts until I get more time 🙂

Spellbinding hugs,


(All photos taken by me)


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