Queueing at Airports is always a little different than anywhere else. Mainly because queueing at airports doesn’t just involve people queueing up to get to places or to drop off their luggage. 

Planes also queue to take off and to land. In the past about fifteen minutes or so I have watched at least seven planes queue up to land, spotting their distant lights coming closer and closer, always three at a time. As one disappears, another light arrives in the distance. It’s very amusing, more than people might think it would be. After having a rough night and barely any sleep, watching planes requires the least amount of energy.

I’m currently in a lounge at Heathrow waiting to go to paris, then Hoi Chi Minh. It’s going to be such a long day.

Tired waves (don’t try hugging me in the mornings unless you’re leaving the country),



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