Yesterday’s post went up smoothly, because I had prepared it the day before.

For today, day 8 of this festive month, I have nothing prepared and I cannot think of anything.

As I am travelling to Vietnam Thursday, and my term at Uni has just finished, a friend suggested I talk about that.

I am looking forward to relaxing in Vietnam, but I am not looking forward to spending 12-13 1/2 hours in a plane flying and that doesn’t include boarding the damn thing and getting off it.

Hoping that the flights will be fine, I am looking forward to seeing Hoi Chi Minh City, ticking off another capital from an imaginary list, whilst ticking another country off the list as well. I look forward trying out Vietnamese food and shooting many photos. I also hope to try out different foods and take more pictures than I did in Thailand. In general, this trip is meant to relax us, which is ironic because getting there is super stressful for me right now. More stressful than I expected. Maybe that is a sign it’ll be super relaxing when we get there? I hope so.

At the moment I just really feel stressed and overwhelmed and the only thing that is keeping me together is my good friend Lorcan and my friends from Germany. And the Baileys I’m drinking. I have a really bad habit of drinking when I’m super stressed and anxious, which, luckily, isn’t that often.

Furthermore, I still have pictures on my phone from when I visited my friends in Germany, and they’re keeping a smile on my face as well.

Concerning Uni… I should have sorted out some little things that little bit earlier. That is all.

I am totally and utterly sorry for this and I must say, I don’t think I’ll be doing much posting during my Holiday to Vietnam, but I’ll try my best to come back with some good stuff when I come back.

The most tiredest of hugs,



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