St. Nikolaus!

Today is December 6th and in Germany, today is St Nikolaus (or St Nicholas) and in most parts of Northern Germany, as far as I know, this is celebrated as a pre-Christmas kind of thing.

Without googling and purely out of my experience growing up in Germany where this was celebrated, children would put a boot or shoe next to their bedroom door on December 5th and on the next morning the boot would be filled with gifts, usually santa chocolate figures, sweets and possibly other small gifts and personal bits and pieces in there. As far as I can remember, St Nikolaus was the bringer of gifts and shared his cape, and some other clothes items and even his donkey with the poor.

I guess it kind of goes back to the festive season being the season where most people share with others and most charities seem to be active in the Media and everything (this might just be my view).

Now, living in England, my mum either forgets about it or simply can’t be bothered. This year, because of the looming holiday, the new dog and everything else, it’s pretty obvious why my mum couldn’t be bothered to get the fosterchild and me something. Also, I am 22… Saying that, I don’t think I’ll ever grow out of these little german festivities I grew up with. It’s just always been there and to me, it’ll always be a part of my festive season.

All of this is just out of my experience with this day and actually reading up on St Nikolaus, I am aware of similar celebrations in western Europe. It’s quite interesting. There is a lot on St Nikolaus online, as suspected. This kind of sums it up short and sweetly.

As said, we didn’t really celebrate Nikolaus this year, but I did buy myself some Enid Blyton books, some chocolate and two Itunes cards as a treat (there was also a deal on the Itunes cards)

Mistletoe hugs



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