The Inner Gamer!

Day 5 of December and I thought I’d walk in a completely different direction in today’s Blog, purely because Christmas isn’t celebrated by all people in this world, for various reasons. I am genuinely not the most christmassy person so it is actually very easy for me to sway off the path of christmas themed stuff.

Lately, I have been thinking about all the games I have neglected, all the games I still want to play, still want to own and all the money I would have to spent simply to buy games and even consoles to play these games. Most of my friends forget or underestimate the fact that I like to play games such as Assassins Creed . I am actually really bad at playing games and stick to Pokemon, Harvest Moon, The Sims and stuff like that. I am interested in Fallout and Gothic tho and I own Dragon Age, but that is as far as it currently goes.

In my Youtube feed I stumbled upon another Assassins Creed video and thought I could compile a list of my favourite Assassins Creed videos. Possibly even ask some of my friends what their favourite channels are, as I just realised I don’t actually follow any.

To start off with, this is the video that got me thinking about this post.

Another video, which is really entertaining is this one. So far, my favourite assassin is Ezio. I cannot tell you why, but he is at the moment. I have yet to play ALL of the games to make my mind up.

There’s a series of Assassins Creed videos, where Assassins Creed meets Parkour, such as this one and this one. I can’t get enough of them to be honest.

Not Assassins Creed related, but of course, Emma Blackery has a gamers channel (here). I really enjoy watching all of her videos and often just want to give her a big hug.

Those who play minecraft, will probably know Stampy. Somebody I know used to talk a lot about him and his youtube videos. Another person was Squid and his videos (one here.)

To finish this off, the three gamers on youtube my friend watches, are gronkh, handofblood and battlebros, who are all (unsurprisingly) German. As a side note, so his he.

For today, this is it.

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