Day 2 of December!

Just about.

I’m sorry.

For the late post (It’s like 23:27 aka 11:27pm in the UK right now), I thought I’d share some of my photos from Germany and the christmas markets I visited there, and also some funny vlogmas videos I have watched today.

So, to explain the first picture, I am always very amused by the German language everywhere when I first see it again after a few months. I was also amused by how the police cars looked like, but I cannot tell you why.

Food-wise I really miss German breakfasts, so we went to a restaurant who do really yummy breakfast buffets. I ate a lot there, and it was delicious. I also drank a lot of coffee. Living there, I never realised how strong the coffees were, and it still surprises me.

The other pictures pretty much sum up the Christmas markets I went to. I visited the Harsewinkeler one, the one in Guetersloh and the one in Bielefeld. Size wise, Harsewinkel is pretty tiny, Gutersloh isn’t much bigger, but Bielefeld is the biggest out of the three of them.
I ate a lot of food there, especially in Bielefeld. I just walked from stall to stall going “Oh, I remember those! I need to eat some!”. So I ended up eating a Banana on a stick covered in chocolate, things called Quarkinis (picture in the link). They’re like weird doughnut like things. And Currywurst. I had quite a lot Currywurst. A friend later sent me a photo of Candy apples that looked so awesome, I had to share them.

I hope I can go back visiting Christmas markets again next year. I hope to see my friends before that.

Now to some cute Vlogmas videos.

There’s Miranda’s video, which is short, sweet and funny.
Sharla’s video has a cute fluffy cat in it and she is travelling to my favourite country: Malaysia (visited Malaysia, love it, cant wait to go back). The Mail opening is also very cute.
Mandatory, I obviously follow Emma Blackery, so here is Emma’s video. No offence, BUT … Only kidding. I totally get what she is saying. It’s like saying “I don’t want to be racist, but…”. You’re basically warning people, that you’re gonna be racist.
I personally don’t follow Zoella on youtube, but I still feel obliged, to link back to the christmassy theme, her video. It’s her vlogmas from 01.12.2015, and it’s very festive.

I’m going to leave it there. Hugs, and mistletoe kisses,



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