Inspired by this vlogmas video, I thought about sharing my favourite foody videos. Another Vlogmas video with food in it, which is really cute, is this one. The food looks really nice.

Fitting for my Holiday to Vietnam, this video popped up. I think I have mentioned his channel before. There is actually a whole playlist on Vietnamese food on his channel. Had I been that little bit better prepared, I might’ve watched a few more of them, including the 23 Things To Do In Saigon. In general, I like his videos. His voice is easy to listen to and the food all looks very yummy.

Online, I think I looked at something similar to what Miranda is doing in this video. It’s funny, the “food” looks disgusting and … yeah, it’s just a little weird.

My most favourite videos are people trying candy from other countries, such as this guy trying Japanese candy. There are so many videos of people trying Japanese candy, and I love them. They’re also really easy to watch. One of my favourites is also this video of American candy being tried.

Not an actual foodie video, but its a christmas themed “What’s in my mouth” -challenge and it is really adorable.

Again, this is only a brief post until I can review some of my own dishes tried in Vietnam.

I look forward to sharing more, personal foodie stuff with you!

Hungry Hugs,




Christmas Disappointments

Inspired by this video, I thought I’d talk about Christmas disappointments.

It is going to be a super short post. Not because I am busy, or lazy, or at the airport (which, currently, I am not, because I am prewriting this like an organised little elf). It is going to be short, because my experience with christmas disappointments is VERY LITTLE.

I guess that is actually a good thing.

The only thing I can think about is when I went to the shops with my mum, pointed at a few things I really wanted, she bought them, we went home, I wrapped them all up myself and stuck them under the tree. I knew what I was getting, there were no surprises and it didn’t feel to festive, even with all the movies on TV, music in the background and decorations all over the place. We even had a tree.

That is the only thing I can think of.


Hope you haven’t had any disappointments for Christmas 🙂



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Night Market in Phú Quốc 

Yesterday we visited a Night Market in a town whose name I know as Dun Dong but I’m not at all sure about the spelling.

I had some Ice Cream and some butter and garlic chicken. Both were very yummy. I also stumbled across some very cute key rings with One Piece and Totoro pictures on them and they were so CUTE but I didn’t buy them -I have so many key rings and so have my friends haha.

Now I’ve figured out how to add a watermark to photos on my phone I’ll try to upload more 🙂

Sunny hugs,


My Favourite Game on my Phone

Today I shall talk about the most favourite Game currently on my Phone. It’s part of the christmas thing, because I was suggested this game in december and finished playing it within about two days.

The Game is called Monument Valley


And these are some screen shots I took. It messes a little with your mind but its lovely. I haven’t managed to buy the In-app Game yet, but I just downloaded it.
On Itunes it says it’s the Apple Game of the Year 2014, so some of you have probably heard of this game already.
I love the colours used and how it messes with your mind a little. You also have to use your brain a little and it is very entertaining. I couldn’t stop playing it. I really look forward to playing the In-App game, which is about£1.49 I think. 

The next game I’m gonna try is Tengami, which looks really interesting. I paid £3.99 for it and apparently is a complete game with no In-App purchases which was appealing and no in-game advertisements which is also a positive.

Harry Potter Studio Tour 2015

As I have promised quite a few times, here are some photos I took of the Harry Potter Studio Tours.


So here are some photos. I went last year, 1 September, as well. It was really special, and I was still HUGELY excited to go again. I cannot wait to go there again!  I had a lot of fun and took many more photos than this.

Compared to last time, a few things had changed. The Hogwarts express was new, and I saw Hogwarts in snow, which was awesome and magical. I did have Butterbeer and I spent a lot of money in the shop. I would do it all again.

Sticking with Harry Potter, here are some of my favourite Harry Potter parodies.

Most of you might know the Hillywood show and their parody of Harry Potter here. This was the video which got me hooked on their parodies in general.

Another lovely parody is this one. The tune is very catchy and the video is a lot of fun.

One of my other favourite Harry Potter themed videos is this one. Very well made in my view.

However, there are simply so many out there. Too many for me to list in this blog. Do have fun watching Harry Potter related videos on Youtube. They literally make my day.

Posting non-Vietnam related posts until I get more time 🙂

Spellbinding hugs,


(All photos taken by me)


Queueing at Airports is always a little different than anywhere else. Mainly because queueing at airports doesn’t just involve people queueing up to get to places or to drop off their luggage. 

Planes also queue to take off and to land. In the past about fifteen minutes or so I have watched at least seven planes queue up to land, spotting their distant lights coming closer and closer, always three at a time. As one disappears, another light arrives in the distance. It’s very amusing, more than people might think it would be. After having a rough night and barely any sleep, watching planes requires the least amount of energy.

I’m currently in a lounge at Heathrow waiting to go to paris, then Hoi Chi Minh. It’s going to be such a long day.

Tired waves (don’t try hugging me in the mornings unless you’re leaving the country),


Preparations for Vietnam

Considering how prepared I was for Thailand, I haven’t really prepared myself hugely for this family vacation.

I look forward to Vietnamese food, so we visited Pho Restaurant in Brighton, which serves traditional Vietnamese food. It was very lovely and I definitely look forward to trying out more in Vietnam.
Out of experience, the Asian food I have eaten in Europe is nothing compared to the actual food in Asia. My favourite dishes are those cooked in Malaysia (all of the dishes I’ve eaten there have been delicious and there are SO MANY). For example a version of the Malay Laksa (I’m not sure from which region it is) and a Lemon Chicken dish. My favourite Thai dish was the Massaman Curry.

Otherwise, I checked up on the currency, the Vietnamese Dong. I checked Lonely Planet. I also had a look at the language, not just because I wanted to see what phrases and words such as “yes”, “no”, “thank you” and “please” meant, looked like and sounded like, but also to see how it varied to other languages I have seen. So I did in fact want to see how it looked and sounded like, from the view of a curious linguist.

Furthermore, I pretty much briefly skimmed through other links on Vietnam, but only briefly. As I said, I hadn’t prepared myself for the trip to Vietnam, I only just realised how long we’re flying and we’ve been planning this for quite a few months now. A lovely summery is given by the BBC Vietnam Country File which also links to a timeline about the history of Vietnam.

Sometimes, I can be quite observant and I notice small little things. I love to travel for this reason. To observe and learn and experience.
Since my interest in Buddhism has immensely grown in the past year, I am also hugely fond of experiencing Vietnam on a spiritual level. This, however, might be a bit more difficult travelling with a family who is not so interested in spirituality. I am not going to give up though. I am a little worried about how religious Vietnam is, only because of who I am -bi and trans. It’ll be interesting.

I cannot wait to observe small parts of Vietnam. Things I would love to observe are how they deal with tourists, such as my family and myself and towards each other, etc. I don’t want to presume anything. I am genuinely travelling there with an open mind.

The most I have done in preparation for Vietnam is packing my suitcase, letting every one know I’m flying, sort out my medication and mentally prepare myself for a long journey. That is about it. I just rushed to scribble down some facts about our flights and the addresses of my friends in the travel journal I also used for Thailand (it was half empty).
I don’t even know why I feel stressed. Probably because everybody else is stressed and I’ve got University in between and assignments and essays due when I am back and mainly because I am just not prepared for holiday.

Anyway. Soon I’ll be relaxing by a pool, so, yay.

I’m writing this on Tuesday and we don’t actually travel to Vietnam on Thursday so I don’t know if and when I’ll update ya’ll on the actual flight, which is pretty much the boring part, even though I am trying to write short stories involving airports and air planes. I hate the actual flying, especially because its around 12 hours… UGH

My point is, I’ll most likely post this on Thursday. The reason why it hasn’t got anything in it about flights, etc, is because I planned ahead.

Packing wise, I find it incredibly easy to pack. I know what I love to wear, what I find comfortable when it is warm and I know not to pack too many things. So packing is very easy for me. I hate packing when I come back. Even if I don’t buy a lot there, I have incredibly huge difficulties to fit everything into my bag. My hand luggage is another story. What bag, diary, Ipad, something to write on, pens, something to read, kindle, chargers, Nintendo 3DS. And my DSLR in its own bag. It doesn’t sound a lot but it looks a lot, especially this year. But it all fits, and I think I can manage carrying it from pillar to post. Most of the time we’ll be sitting anyway…

Kind (and by now probably disgruntled hugs),


Featured Image: The Vietnamese Flag; Source (x)


Yesterday’s post went up smoothly, because I had prepared it the day before.

For today, day 8 of this festive month, I have nothing prepared and I cannot think of anything.

As I am travelling to Vietnam Thursday, and my term at Uni has just finished, a friend suggested I talk about that.

I am looking forward to relaxing in Vietnam, but I am not looking forward to spending 12-13 1/2 hours in a plane flying and that doesn’t include boarding the damn thing and getting off it.

Hoping that the flights will be fine, I am looking forward to seeing Hoi Chi Minh City, ticking off another capital from an imaginary list, whilst ticking another country off the list as well. I look forward trying out Vietnamese food and shooting many photos. I also hope to try out different foods and take more pictures than I did in Thailand. In general, this trip is meant to relax us, which is ironic because getting there is super stressful for me right now. More stressful than I expected. Maybe that is a sign it’ll be super relaxing when we get there? I hope so.

At the moment I just really feel stressed and overwhelmed and the only thing that is keeping me together is my good friend Lorcan and my friends from Germany. And the Baileys I’m drinking. I have a really bad habit of drinking when I’m super stressed and anxious, which, luckily, isn’t that often.

Furthermore, I still have pictures on my phone from when I visited my friends in Germany, and they’re keeping a smile on my face as well.

Concerning Uni… I should have sorted out some little things that little bit earlier. That is all.

I am totally and utterly sorry for this and I must say, I don’t think I’ll be doing much posting during my Holiday to Vietnam, but I’ll try my best to come back with some good stuff when I come back.

The most tiredest of hugs,


Christmas / Winter books

This post is inspired by this post.

I have started reading The Wolves of Midwinter by Anne Rice and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Askaban by J.K Rowling and might finish one of them this month. I might also finish another book on my Kindle in Vietnam, depends on how I feel and whether or not I feel like carrying the paperback versions of Harry Potter and The Wolves of Midwinter around the world with me.

In general, I love to read Harry Potter in autumn and winter, which kind of works together with the fact I also like to watch the movies around this time. The same goes with Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit really.
The books by Anne Rice, especially the books part of the Wolf Gift Chronicles, feel worth reading during rainy, stormy days.
I have never read A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, which I might attempt when I am not going on holiday for Christmas. So next year.

Otherwise I don’t really do reading Christmas themed books. Not yet anyway, so there isn’t really much I can personally say about my experience, apart from what I’ve already told you.

I pretty much read whatever I feel like reading. It’s usually dystopian or Fantasy. The only other book I could think of, that I could pick up if it weren’t for the holiday is The dwarves by Markus Heitz, which I started reading months ago and was actually really good from what I could tell.

St. Nikolaus!

Today is December 6th and in Germany, today is St Nikolaus (or St Nicholas) and in most parts of Northern Germany, as far as I know, this is celebrated as a pre-Christmas kind of thing.

Without googling and purely out of my experience growing up in Germany where this was celebrated, children would put a boot or shoe next to their bedroom door on December 5th and on the next morning the boot would be filled with gifts, usually santa chocolate figures, sweets and possibly other small gifts and personal bits and pieces in there. As far as I can remember, St Nikolaus was the bringer of gifts and shared his cape, and some other clothes items and even his donkey with the poor.

I guess it kind of goes back to the festive season being the season where most people share with others and most charities seem to be active in the Media and everything (this might just be my view).

Now, living in England, my mum either forgets about it or simply can’t be bothered. This year, because of the looming holiday, the new dog and everything else, it’s pretty obvious why my mum couldn’t be bothered to get the fosterchild and me something. Also, I am 22… Saying that, I don’t think I’ll ever grow out of these little german festivities I grew up with. It’s just always been there and to me, it’ll always be a part of my festive season.

All of this is just out of my experience with this day and actually reading up on St Nikolaus, I am aware of similar celebrations in western Europe. It’s quite interesting. There is a lot on St Nikolaus online, as suspected. This kind of sums it up short and sweetly.

As said, we didn’t really celebrate Nikolaus this year, but I did buy myself some Enid Blyton books, some chocolate and two Itunes cards as a treat (there was also a deal on the Itunes cards)

Mistletoe hugs



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