Words can do a lot. They help us communicate our thoughts with others. They help us figure each other out, figuring other things out and asking for help for example.

Words can do many good things. They can also hurt and cause pain and confuse. They can be ambiguous and convey more than just one meaning.

Studying words, they, quite frankly, just give me a headache and all I can think of are trees. But that is not the point.

The point I am trying to make is, that what you are saying can be hurtful, even though you don’t mean your words to be hurtful.
In this point I do not wish to talk about how your body language, tone of voice and other contextual information aid how the meaning of words can be conveyed to others.

I would like to talk about being trans. Recently, I have openly spoken to my family about it. They fully support me. I kind of came out to my friends just now, mainly because I felt like I should spell out what is actually happening right now. I had changed my name on facebook and other social media without giving those closest to me more information.
So far, I have only had positive support. However, one of the comments included “brave to have decided to do so”. I know this person means well, but I haven’t “decided” this. It’s one of those things I was born with, I guess.

I found this as a reaction to this, which I thought was interesting and worth reading.

Short and sweet.
Soon, I should update ya’ll on my trip to the Harry Potter studio tour near London. I’m also going to Germany for a weekend to visit my friends (and to eat ALL THE FOOD), and I am very excited.

That is it for now.

Hugs and all things positive,



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