My top five fears

  1. Dying alone, or dying slowly
  2. Not being able to help mum/family in distress
  3. Being stuck
  4. Being attacked
  5. Having a panic attack on a train, on a plane or at university

I’m really scared of dying slowly, as in suffocating, being burnt/buried alive, etc and dying alone. I would just like a few people to remember me.

Not being able to help my mum when/if she has breathing problems or faints and I’m not there to call an ambulance really, REALLY worries me. I also feel bad when my friends in Germany go through s tough time and I can’t be there personally to give em a hug.

Being stuck in an elevator, a plane, on a train going under a tunnel is pretty scary for me.

With everything going on, I’m just scared of being attacked just because I’m where I am at that moment. 

My last fear is pretty self-explanatory. 

So this is just a quick post whilst I get my shit sorted out. Idk what’s up with me, but I feel emotional. I’m using “emotional” as an umbrella term here. There’s a bitterness to it and a pinch of coldness and stress and disconnectness to people and positive things and feelings.

Hopefully I’ll feel better soon 🙂




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