What gets me passionate about writing

Who am I?
Who are you?

How can I give you a piece of me, when speaking is a problem?
How can you give me a piece of yourself, if listening isn’t a strength?

My eyes are strained, but my brain is not.
My eyes will stray, but the written word keeps me focused.

Don’t give up teaching me how to draw,
Because I draw words instead of pictures.

I wrote the above instantaneously to the prompt of “What makes you passionate about writing”. I never really knew how to talk about my feelings, or how to make other people feel better. So I wrote poetry. I pretty much write for the same reason I got interested in Photography. I am scared of forgetting, and I cannot draw. I began taking photos of places I was scared of forgetting, I use words to capture how I felt and how the general mood was in the picture if the picture cannot.

I love writing when it is foggy, rainy and cold outside, with a cup of tea and some nibbles. I also love to write when I am meant to listen to lecturers at University, or on the train. The scenery I pass is what I fell in love with and which makes me feel at home. This scenery also gets me writing. The people on the train give me ideas.

I have never really written fanfiction, but the Marauders and Harry Potter in general have recently given me something to think about.

This is pretty short, and not very creative. A friend of mine is doing a module on Creative Writing, whilst I am doing a module on Studying Travel Writing, and he gives me the prompts he gets from his module. This was one of them.

In the next week, I will try and work on another Creative Writing prompt and/or I’ll share my trip to the WB Studio Tours in London on Friday to see Hogwarts in snow. It is the second time I am visiting (I also went last year) and I am SO excited, I might burst.

Kind Regards,



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