In all honesty…

The other day, mum and I had an open, honest discussion about me being trans. During and after our talk I felt heartbroken and incredibly upset. She never wanted a son, and she felt like it was only a big game for me, because I’m stuck in a fantasy world. It’s not a game. It’s very true to me, but I felt so hurt and attacked. 

I fell asleep crying and wondered how I’m going to solve this. The next day, I went to Uni and was quite glad I had to spend all day away from home -I did not want to speak to my mum again. But very early on in the day, I got a text. She said, that reflecting on what she had said the day before, she knew she was wrong. She said she knew she had always had a son, just didn’t knew it until now and that she’ll always support me. It was really uplifting and the kind of thing I needed to hear. It still left me emotional, but in a slightly better place. 

So this happened and now, two days later, I feel like myself. I officially feel like myself. 

Still struggling with Uni work wise. :-/


Ps: I hope to write a lot more and more interesting stuff, I just need to get my head around some work I have to do.


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