So it’s the third week of being back at University and I’m finally stuck in a phase I want to read everything BUT what I should read for my course. Also, I’m finding it incredibly difficult writing poetry, which is weird. Instead, I find myself reacting to writing prompts and writing short stories instead. But even that is t going as smoothly as I would hope it would go. I seem to be doing an awful lot, but also VERY little. This is very disorientating. I’m blaming the fact I have to get used to being at Uni again and that I have to make an incredibly huge effort of being organised.

It is helping having a dictaphone and many colours and different papers help for the different module I’m doing and my lack of concentration and focus. 

Anyhow. Otherwise, I’m re-reading Harry Potter, mainly because I’m going to London to the Leavesden Harry Potter studio tours again, in November. So, in Preperation, I’m rereading the series and I might watch the movies as well. I’m going with a friend and his partner, and I’m so excited.

In other news, my mum is coming more and more to terms with the fact that I’m going to change my name and that I’m already known as Ciarán. Good news. I actually feel better, knowing this and that its all in the open.

That’s it for now.