Recently, I bought myself a cute little kindle. I love it.  I love reading books on it and its super light weight. One of the reasons I invested in  a kindle was because I use my iPad and iPhone when travelling around and I didn’t want to use up battery life on my apple products by reading. The other reason, that triggered the purchase of a kindle was the fact of holidays away in Asia and not necessarily wanting to carry heavy books around.

For some reason, although my TBR list is quite big, I’ve been really interested in lists like thisthis one and this one. A newest, latest Bookriot favourite is A father introduces his newborn daughter to books. What I love most is that her name is Matilda. I love that name and all the memories connect to the name (and yes, by memories I mean the movie ~)

Now, to talk a bit more about my kindle. So far, I really do love it. nearly as much as I love reading paperback books and hardcover books. Tbh, nothing truly beats a good paperback in my hands, especially because of that smell books have. One of the reasons why I love the kindle is, is it will be handy for travelling to and from University and travelling on holiday. But even at home I like to read books on my kindle. Some books I’m not sure of buying, I can buy on my kindle for less money. I did this with Daughter of Smoke and Bone, which I am currently reading and I absolutely love it so far.
Furthermore, some books are incredibly cheap compared to buying them in paperback and are less hassle to buy on a kindle then finding them online and/or having to ask friends in Germany to buy them for me and then having to send them to me… This was my initial plan for the last two books in Die Nebelchroniken. I have the first two in paperback, and the last two are available in German on Amazon as eBooks. So my weird plan on getting my hands on these books went up in smoke.

So far I’ve found the kindle easy to use. I haven’t accidentally bought a book, so I’m not too sure how easy that process is of returning the book and getting your money back. But this kind of sums it up. Setting up parental controls on the kindle, which I have partially tried out (I like to have a code on my devices just because) is also pretty easy to do.

This shall be it for now on kindles and books.

Ciaran ~