Internet Stuff

I thought I ought to share some recent internet stuff I came across or have used.


I watched this video yesterday and was very amused, entertained and thoroughly enjoyed it.
Mark Wiens’ videos I find really interesting anyways, but his series on food in Malaysia made me miss Malaysia a lot. Malaysia feels a lot like home, even though I’ve only been there about three times.

Talking about travel, I obviously have to talk about Japan also. Life where I’m from is simply an adorable youtube channel I stumbled upon only a few days ago.


Reading is one of my huge interests, although I’m not a quick reader and I haven’t read that much yet. I’m a late bloomer and only started reading for fun until some time after the age of 11 and even then I mainly stuck to Harry Potter, Wizards and Vampires. It’s fair to say, that I’m now playing catch up by reading Narnia for example. Though Harry Potter is a huge love of mine and I doubt that will ever go away. So, I’m pretty sure I’ll make use of 13 Stories to fill the Harry Potter void featured on Bookriot.

Although I haven’t really explored The Internet Book Database, it seems like an incredibly good idea and worth sharing, in case you haven’t heard of it yet.

Online Shopping

I recently ordered some items from here. I can quite easily say, I’ve never been this excited about a package for a very long time.

Continuing on with online shopping, I was curious as to where I could order Japanese candy from. I found Tofu Cute. Although I haven’t ordered anything from there yet, I’m pretty sure I will in the future. For a while now I’ve been curious about the Matcha Green Tea Kit Kat, so I look forward to trying it out some time.

Other Blogs

Something I’ve added to my bookmarks, is this blog. I think it’s incredibly cute and I actually really like the pictures. It’s very personal, which I enjoy.

As a student, I have until October before my 2nd year begins. To keep my mind focused on what I’m studying, I found a blog on English Language. I think this is going to be useful to have some of the basic stuff in one place.


I’m going to throw in a post on Body Image by Evanna Lynch. Harsh words, but very true.

As somebody who’d identify as a gay trans male, 9 Transgender Men of Colour You Should Know is also a very lovely and very recent find.

It’s been over a year now since the second foster child of my mum and stepfather arrived into our world. He has his problems; one of them is school. I don’t deal with that, but still found this article interesting. I also have my problems and really feel for the children out there. I know many people struggle to understand and help people with disabilities and issues that aren’t obvious or visible, such as depression, anxiety, ME, trauma, abuse, ADHD/ADD and anything on the Autism Spectrum. As much as people struggle to understand, many more other people struggle and suffer because it sometimes feels like nobody really cares and it can be very difficult to communicate what one feels, needs and how it is to be different in ways many people don’t see. The older I get the more I realise this. This could be a whole post on its own.

I’m just going to leave it at this.

Have a great day/night! Stay safe.

~ Ciaran ~

Ps: Featured Image taken by myself, in Brighton…


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