Summary: Days Home Alone

My stepdad won this thing at his work. He won a trip to Dubrovnik, Croatia, where parts of Game of Thrones were filmed, hence the Game of Thrones tour and all the merchandise. I do watch this particular series and was awfully jealous I couldn’t go too. He could only take my mum. Although I’m now planning on going there in the near future, I did have quite a few nice days home alone.


I took care of our family pet, Molly. She missed mum a lot!


One of the packages that arrived was this one from here. I’ve never been so excited about post in my life.


I obviously had to have some fast food. Domino’s was my choice for one of the evenings. And possibly another evening… I just love pizza, especially tuna pizza. Domino’s is the only place I can get tuna pizza from.


And, last but not least, my dear mum gave me some gifts. They are adorable and cute, yet I still have to see if the t-shirt fits (if not, it will soon!).


That’s all for now, personal thing over, have a great day/evening,



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