Feeding Interests: Japan

I am highly interested in travelling. One of the countries I’d love to visit is Japan. To help feed my interest about this country and the Japanese culture, there are a few things I do.

NHK World
One of the things I do is watch programs on NHK world. The programs vary and are very interesting. The webpage even offers Japanese lessons. One of the programs I recently watched informed about Sky Greens and vertical farming in Singapore.

One major thing that got me interested in Japan was actually the word kawaii and the kawaii culture in Japan. Websites such as this one and this one are websites I frequently visit. I never thought that Kaila would have a huge effect on my interest in Japan, but she has.

Youtube videos
I follow Rachel & Jun‘s youtube channel and personally find it very interesting.
Another channel I follow is Texan in Tokyo.
I actually really enjoy videos where people walk through Tokyo, such as this one. These kind of videos give me the feeling of being the person walking through the streets of Tokyo, which I think is awesome.

Travel in general
A favourite traveller whom I follow is Nomadic Matt.

Feature Picture belongs to Sohei Nishino


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