What has been going on

I have neglected this blog. I apologise.

Last month, I was fortunate enough to travel to Thailand with my family, which was great.
Today, although we got very bad news, I also received a box full of German chocolates from my friends there.


It made me very happy. I promised myself not to eat them all at once, and that plan might work… Mainly because eating it all might tonight might make me feel very ill.

I did ask for Schokobons back at the end of December. I didn’t expect anything else, haha. The ahoy Brause reminds me of my childhood. It all does actually. It’s bought up so many lovely memories.

After my exams and assignment for University, I’ll be more active and hope to give ya’ll some updates on Photoshoots I’ve got planned soon, too.
I need to get writing, too. I’ve been pretty lazy lately.

Hugs and chocolate kisses