I initially started with Photography “properly”, after somebody saying I apparently had a good eye for taking pictures. Thinking about it more, I came up with some more reasons.


–> I can’t draw, so I started with photography to be creative.
–> I thought it would help me write.
–> I want to express myself through photography.
–> I’m forgetful, so I wanted to use photography as a way to remember places and moments.
–> I love to see/read/listen to other peoples ideas, tips, techniques, etc and try new things out.
–> I like how observant I can be and to find small unique things others might not pick up and photograph it.
–> A lot can be learned through the means of photography.

I would probably say that I am mainly interested in nature. I feel especially drawn to forests, flowers, the sea and the sky. Forests make me feel calm and safe. Colour diversity in autumn, and seasons in general I think is great for photography. Its a nice contrast to city life and sometimes I find really unusual shapes.


As much as I enjoy nature, I also find Street Photography, Cityscapes, Still Life and working in a studio absolutely fascinating. It is interesting how themes and topics can be combined with each other.

I haven’t had a lot of experience shooting street photography, but it is something I enjoy learning about and looking at and seeing what is possible doing.



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