Being tired and unorganised, and crap at writing constructively, I present to you links to some gender neutral information.

Pronouns on Non-binary Pronouns
Here, a Linguist on the story of gendered pronouns
Video on gender neutral pronouns

More comprehensive links here

Sweden’s gender neutral pronoun hen

The words we use can have a huge impact. Say it right.

I’ll leave it at this for now. To a more successful week than last week!

Greetings, hugs and a general feeling of happiness,



I initially started with Photography “properly”, after somebody saying I apparently had a good eye for taking pictures. Thinking about it more, I came up with some more reasons.


–> I can’t draw, so I started with photography to be creative.
–> I thought it would help me write.
–> I want to express myself through photography.
–> I’m forgetful, so I wanted to use photography as a way to remember places and moments.
–> I love to see/read/listen to other peoples ideas, tips, techniques, etc and try new things out.
–> I like how observant I can be and to find small unique things others might not pick up and photograph it.
–> A lot can be learned through the means of photography.

I would probably say that I am mainly interested in nature. I feel especially drawn to forests, flowers, the sea and the sky. Forests make me feel calm and safe. Colour diversity in autumn, and seasons in general I think is great for photography. Its a nice contrast to city life and sometimes I find really unusual shapes.


As much as I enjoy nature, I also find Street Photography, Cityscapes, Still Life and working in a studio absolutely fascinating. It is interesting how themes and topics can be combined with each other.

I haven’t had a lot of experience shooting street photography, but it is something I enjoy learning about and looking at and seeing what is possible doing.


Initial Photography Research Stuff

At the moment I am looking at Street Photography, Cityscape and such like. I usually take landscape photos, but I’m trying to get out of my comfort zone. The photographers that entered my mind immediately were Walker Evans (Polaroid), Jasper James (City Silhouettes) and Natsumi Hayashi (Levitating Photography).

The next photographers I found during initial research: Peter Funch, Ronya Galka and Maciej Dakowicz.

Somebody also suggested Philip Dicorcia and Alexey Titarenko (City of Shadows).

I’m a bit worried about doing Street Photography and not sure if I should really go down that path. I guess I should at least give it a try.